Friday, 29 January 2016

Hello! It's me! (To quote a song lol)....

Morning all... I just wanted to pop in and say 'HI'.... I am still around, but sadly those curve balls have not let up and have eventually worn me down and hit my health, so crafting is on the back-burner at the moment...
Anyway that's enough doom and gloom, I hope you are all well and in a good place, for those who aren't, I really hope and wish your fortune changes soon and that you can escape, if just for a while into the world of "craftinessnesss" (an invention of own lol).... I do have a few creations that I haven't shared with  you yet, so I will really try and do that soon....

As always thank you for finding the time to stop by,

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  1. Hope everything sorts itself out soon and you can get your crafty back!
    Dawn xx


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