Starting Out

Oh my! When I first decided to dip my toe in the enormous lake of card making I felt like I could drown my brain and any creative juices I had with the amount of stunning, intricate and elaborate creations that came up in searches on Google, pin interest etc.. I found it really hard to find out the bare basics . If I'd known what matting and layering  or distressing was, of course I would've found loads of tutorials on you tube. But in the beginning you just see a finished project you like, but.... Where to start? What to buy? and how on earth do I construct something that looks okay let alone

So I thought I would share just a few things that work for me and would make things a little easier, were I starting from the beginning again....This will be an ongoing set of pages of course, no chance of me remembering everything in one go.  This wont be right for everyone but a small part of it may help you!!

In the Beginning  

By looking and viewing finished projects, you'll get a feel for projects that enthuse you and those that do not...In the very beginning  (and still do from time to time) I'd buy a card making kit, like the ones from Docrafts (they call it a Goody Bag). Its very good value and gives you the opportunity to try lots of methods without breaking the bank. It also includes a project sheet to get you started... Some of the things you will like and enjoy and some things will not be for you, but its a very good starting point. Every thing takes time and you never have enough equipment, let me warn you it becomes an addition lol..
After about six months of trying different things, it became apparent that constructing a card around a stamp or digi stamped image that I could colour was going to be MY favorite way to make cards... However, I still like to wonder over to decoupage and toppers from time to time, but to create through image and colour is my favorite.... . Don't worry, although simple to those who know, I'll cover decoupage and toppers later as I found them a really good base in the beginning and usually come n abundance in the goody bags I suggested...

Toppers/Art Pads

Toppers, are pre coloured images, usually in a perforated, sheet ready to be used in any crafting project.... These are great for a quick project or for those who aren't confident in colouring or just prefer not to... Art pads follow the same principal but come in a pad and usually a theme.... I like the LOTV  (Lili Of The Valley) ones, as you can buy taster packs to try....


Decoupage, is also a pre coloured image in a perforated sheet but this time you will have one base image and five or six part images, which are numbered... You then layer these up one on top of the other with 3D foam pads giving a pronounced 3D final image...

 Matting and Layering

This where you lay a piece of backing paper on a very slightly larger piece of card creating a very fine border, I use this technique constantly.... I love the effect it gives but his is just down to personal choice...

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